Friday, March 28, 2014

If you got a POP Beauty lip gloss in a recent Ipsy bag, you should probably throw it away

There seems to have been some kind of problem with the ingredients used in manufacturing, and people have reported burning and redness after using their gloss. More info here, here, and here. I got one, and I didn't have a reaction to it. I threw it in a drawer somewhere, because I didn't like the color, but I'm going to dig it out and toss it. Not worth keeping around if the company doesn't even know what fucking ingredients were used to make it.


  1. and this is why I don't subscribe to Ipsy! Michelle Phan is a hack

  2. Mine smelled weird too. Not spoiled, but like burning rubber? Anyway, I wore it a couple times and didn't get a bad reaction, but I saw a bunch of blog/forum posts about it later (including the ones you linked) and that inspired me to throw it the hell out, lol. Bad products get sent out occasionally (mistakes happen, shit get recalled) but I think the way the companies handled it could have been better.

  3. I love the POP gloss I got. I use it all the time. I haven't died yet, so I suppose I'll keep using it. I didn't read the info that you posted, so, ignorance is bliss.


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