Saturday, January 18, 2014

Radioactive Cat Update

I posted back in July about trying to save some money to get my cat radiation. I thought I should update you all on that. Lucy got the treatment at the end of November, did not kill any of the staff at the clinic, was temporarily radioactive, and is now back to her old, curmudgeonly, corpulent self. Success! I had to save up for almost a year to afford the treatment, but it was still less expensive than two years of medication would have been. Good thing I have a backlog of makeup to post about here, since this damned cat spent all my money. And to top it off, she has not expressed any gratitude whatsoever! Brat.
Thanks to everyone who contributed by buying stuff from my blog sale. Every little bit helped, and I'm sure if Lucy knew you, she would bite you. Not as a gesture of thanks, but just because she's kind of an asshole.


  1. Aww, glad your kitty is OK. I used to have a fat calico cat that looked a lot like her. And those damn cats are never grateful... my mom spent a crazy amount of money in medical bills for some stray cat she rescued, and how does that cat repay her? By knocking over all her lamps and stuff every day. Bless their little hearts <3

  2. So happy to hear your kitty is feeling better. Also, love your new layout. Kitty vibes!

  3. Yay for grumpy fat calicos! Glad to hear she's getting better.

  4. damn that is a cat who knows she's fabulous. so glad she's OK!


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