Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dispatches from Savannah Scorpion (haircare dupes and a personal essay)

Savannah Scorpion recently contacted me with two interesting pieces of information to pass along. Except not that recently actually, because I am shamefully behind when it comes to all things blog - so that's why I'm putting her messages together in once post to get them both out there with no further delay. Anyway, I'll let her words speak for her, and I hope you enjoy!


L'Oreal's Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy shampoo and conditioner are TOTAL FREAKIN' DUPES for Kerastase shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair.

This shouldn't be too much of a surprise, since L'Oreal owns Kerastase, but holy shit.

In fact, the L'Oreal conditioner is better, since Kerastase conditioners are really light. Kerastase deliberately makes their conditioners light, so they can charge 60 bucks for their "deep conditioning masques".

shaaaaaaaaaaaaameless pluuuuuuuuuuuuug

I'd like to shamelessly promote something I wrote for a really badass social justice publication called The Bandit Zine. The Bandit Zine just released their 10th issue, about Radical Self-Love, and features a lot of great submissions about self-love and self care practices.

The most recent issue can be found on their website, here:

I wrote a piece called "My Red Badge of Courage, Or, Why You Can Pry My 21* Tubes of Lipstick From My Cold, Dead Hands". It does get pretty deep and personal and can be triggering for some readers.

The people who run The Bandit Zine are pretty badass, and they are looking for submissions for their next issue, which will be about feminism. You can submit your writings and art to

* It was 21 lipsticks when I wrote it, but now my lipstick number is closer to 39. Sorrynotsorry.

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