Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY cheap dupes for speckled nail polish (like Illamasqua, Deborah Lippmann, Hard Candy, etc.)

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DIY cheap dupes for speckled nail polish
You can easily make your own versions of the Illamasqua Speckled polishes ($17), the Deborah Lippmann Staccato polishes ($19), the Hard Candy Candied Color polishes ($4), or the Maybelline Polka Dots polishes ($4).

The last two aren't especially expensive, but this way you can have almost as many speckled polish options as you already have bottles of nail polish for about $4. I know this isn't that mind-blowing an idea (and I'm not the only person to think of it), but maybe it hadn't occurred to you. All you have to do is buy one bottle of black glitter nail polish, and you can have ALL THE SPECKLED NAILS. I mean, this is a trend that we are all probably going to be bored with a year from now, so you might as well get the most out of it for the lowest possible investment right now. Also, this is a great use for those polishes you have which are really fucking sheer and annoying to use without globbing on 6 coats. They're perfect for this technique.
I got Maybelline Color Show in Clearly Spotted, because I like the combination of black and white glitter in 3 different sizes (in a clear base). It looks really cool, and it is easy to apply. No fishing for glitter and no pushing the fucking pieces around to make it look good. I had a hard time find it in a store - in the displays, there were usually only other colors from the Polka Dots line available. After looking in half a dozen places, I finally found this at Meijer in a display on the other side of the store from the makeup section, near the pet stuff. There was only one bottle left. But if you can't find it in store, ULTA has it on their website (that's the only place I've found it online at the regular price, so far).

Another option is the Love & Beauty black glitter from Forever 21, which you can see here (but isn't available on the F21 website). Any black and/or white glitter in a clear base will work. For the other polish, I really like how it looks with a sheer, pastel cream, but jellies are another option. You can use anything that will let the glitter show through a little.

For my swatches, I used one coat of color, one coat of glitter, and then 2-3 coats of color again, depending on how sheer the polish was. That's it. Easy. The blue polish was a bit too dark. I like the beige, green, and purple the best, personally. I've included a list of the polishes I used after the swatches below.

DIY cheap dupes for speckled nail polish

DIY cheap dupes for speckled nail polish

From left to right above:


  1. The Love & Beauty glitter is just a rebottled LA Girl glitter from the Glitter Addict collection. I forgot what the polish is called, but you can get it from Cherry Culture.


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