Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zoya BOGO free sale now until June 16

Zoya has a code to buy one get one free from their Summer Flashback Page (invite link). Use code FLOGO. If you buy 4 bottles, you also get free shipping.

I have Arizona, Carly, and Zuza from this batch and they are all lovely (especially Zuza). There are a bunch of others there I'd like to get my hands on too. Charla in particular is always a good bet. All the shimmery ones are. (Here's an argument for why Zoyas on sale are a particularly good deal.)

If you don't already have a Zoya account, creating one after you click this link (same as above) should also add a free bottle of polish to your account. I'm not sure if you can use it with a BOGO order, but it will be there in the future, at least.

Got any of these you'd recommend? Going to pick up any more?


  1. I don't need more nail polish. I don't need more nail polish. I don't need more nail polish.

  2. Goddammit Zoya, just take my fucking money!! I wasn't going to get anything, but then I saw swatches of Tanzy and then there's four polishes in my cart and I'm clicking submit order I don't know what happened.


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