Monday, May 6, 2013

Quick Review: Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15 (good for oily/combination skin)

Disclosure: I got this product for free in the mail. I have no idea why - it just appeared on my doorstep one day. It's possible that I requested it from a free sample site, but I got a full-size bottle. There was no accompanying information with it. No one asked me to review it. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

I've been recommending this stuff to friends for at least a month now, so I figured I should probably get around to reviewing it here already. This is a nice, light moisturizer that is ideal for oily/combination skin like mine. Sometimes when I get out of the shower, my skin is a little tight and dry, and this adds just the right amount of moisture. It starts to absorb immediately, and after about 2 minutes, you're left with a completely matte finish and no greasiness. But softer skin. It feels really good.
It only has SPF 15, unfortunately, though that's probably why you can't detect the sunscreen in it at all. Usually chemical sunscreen like what's in here (this contains no minerals, i.e. titanium or zinc) stings slightly on my eyelids and has a very subtle scent. This stuff is completely unscented and non-irritating. But because the SPF is low, I tend to only use it on days when I'm not really going to be outside, or when I'm going to wear some type of makeup over it that also has SPF.

Overall, I really recommend this stuff. It's a beautiful moisturizer. It costs about $8-13, depending where you find it, which isn't very cheap, but seems about average for a drugstore moisturizer with SPF. Have you tried it?

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