Monday, May 13, 2013

Cheapest quick dry polish topcoat yet (but there's a catch)

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I bought this NYC Long Wearing Extra Shiny Top Coat a few weeks ago when I needed to get my order up to $25, not expecting much. It doesn't even say "quick dry". Blah! I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for.

Oh, but it is! It dries as fast or faster than any other top coat I've tried, including Seche Vite. I'm talking less than a minute until you can brush away that fucking hair that's tickling your nose. And it's really glossy. Best part? It's 99 cents.

So what's the catch?

Here the weird thing. It dries more brittle than most top coats, so it has this tendency to crack after about 12 hours. It's fine until then, but if your nail flexes a lot, you can end up with hairline cracks the next day. For me, these haven't really been visible from more than a few inches away. Nail polish tends to chip for me pretty easily, because I have fairly flexible nails. I usually can get one day max without a chip. The polish doesn't necessarily chip, but it cracks, and that's odd. Not all the reviewers on had this problem, though, and it's not really an issue when my nails are cut short. I think it's still worth a shot, because worst case scenario, you're only out a buck. Even the Sally Hansen topcoat, the next best thing, costs $7. This might just be something that's ideal for occasions when you need your polish to dry instantly so you can get out the door, but you don't necessarily need it to last for several days.


  1. Ok that's really fucking weird. I had included some in an order and was kinda like 'meh whatever I'll prob find a use for it' and hadn't bothered actually trying it. Just put it on and you're right, that was super quick. I use the red sally quick dry but UGH the goop it turns into before I'm done with it.
    Will be testing this for cracks but none the less very good to know!

  2. I think that this is very true about the shine and the brittleness. I like to use it with pen ink mixed in to clor glass and it works well for that at least. I have short nails so I might try this on them.
    P.S. you mentioned in another post that you wished that you could get more freebies from companie. Not to be critical, because I do it as well. But some girls aren't as attracted to a product if it's refered to as 'this shit here', or something like that. I think no swears could get you a better following which can lead to free stuff. Also, there are already free samples u can sign up for online or at even and then you can review those items at no cost.


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