Sunday, April 21, 2013

You guys know about coconut oil, right? Cheap, natural, effective hair conditioning treatment

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Hair oils have been around since . . . like, probably forever, I'm pretty sure. When people figured out how to extract oils, they started rubbing them on themselves. Maybe even before they ate them. But lately they've been getting a bunch of mainstream attention. Here's the thing - you don't have to spend much money to get probably the best oil treatment possible. Coconut oil. It's one of the only oils that will actually penetrate the hair shaft and condition and moisturize that way. I've tried it - it does work.

Here's what you do. Buy a tub of coconut oil. It really doesn't matter which brand. Get a cheap one from the grocery store. Or here's one.

Scoop some out with your fingers, let it soften/melt in your hand, and coat your hair in it. Use as much as it takes to saturate it all. Then pin it up if you have to, or put on a shower cap, and leave it on as long as you can. An hour is good - over night is better. Then shampoo and condition your hair in the shower like you normally would. That's it.

Your hair will be softer, shinier, and smoother than before. Probably, unless you have perfect hair to begin with. But even then it will likely be a little more perfect. And the condition will last through a few shampoos. I could tell you the ultimate test, but maybe it's too much. No? Okay, I'll tell you. You can have sex for an hour, and your hair won't be tangled. There you go. (This is the result of an "experiment" one day after leaving the oil in for approximately 2 hours.)

The tub is going to last your forever, so it's worth a shot. If your perfect hair doesn't get more perfect, you can cook with it or moisturize your skin or whatever. (I don't eat it, because it's inflammatory. But that's my issue.)


    I bought a jar of the Luann almost 8 months ago maybe? It's a big ass tub and it's plastic so that's the one I use for hair/ body purposes. (Me and glass jars and bathroom don't mix.) I've had it that lng and it's MAYBE half empty, a little does go a long way. For probably 3-4 months I would put it on my hair min. once week for an hour. FUCKING MIRACLES AND SHIT HAPPENED. My hair is waaaaay awesome now and I can get away with only oiling it once or twice a month. My hair is fabulous my scalp doesn't flake up or itch me to death.
    Ive had great experiences using it as makeup remover just oil my face up to the high heavens then wipe down with a baby wipe. I use it on my acne, really helps them go the fuck away quickly. Great on cuts annnnnnd if I may get more tmi its fanfucking tastic for hemorrhoids LIKE AMAZING.

    People like to say you have to get the organic shat from angels upon olympus for it to work properly but I've not noticed any difference in the results.
    Now if you don't like the tase/scent of coconut get the oil that is refined like Louana and in my experience thus far if it DOES taste/smell like coconuts it will say something on the label and that is unfrefined oil.
    I buy my unrefined smell good oil at a local health store WHEN IT'S ON SALE. Because those tend to be pricier and I use that for eating.
    (And keep some in a seperate container so if I want to smell good or as my boyfriend say "your hair smells like a Mounds bar" I don't contaminate the eating jar with hair) It's really good in orange/cranberry oatmeal fyi

    AND it can help with kitty's hairballs. My cat has his own little tub I made and I just let him lick it everyday while I make breakfast. When it's in it's liquifide state you can toss some cat treats in a bag pour in some oil and shake em till coated for some way cheap hairball preventing treats.

    Tldr - just go buy some coconut oil

    1. That's the brand I have too! Whoohoo, more information, because this stuff is going to last forever.


    You win life. If I could give you a trophy, I would xD

    I love that CO is good for so much. My hair loves it, as do my dried out, gross elbows. Will use it for the rest of my life.


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