Saturday, April 27, 2013

Red dye reminders

Must remember: Red-dyed hair is always horrifyingly bright for the first couple of days. It will calm down. Maybe it won't be so obnoxious after I shampoo it for the second time later today.

I also need to remind myself that one box is not enough for all of my hair next time, because there are are spots that definitely aren't as saturated as others. I think they will blend in better once the flaming red fades slightly. They probably aren't noticeable to anyone but me, right now, since they are mostly on the underside of my bangs.

I have to go out tonight. I'll just put on a lot of fucking makeup and pretend my hair is supposed to look like this.


  1. Replies
    1. L'Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss in 6RR Vibrant Light Auburn/Love Apple. I had a coupon for a free box. It's bright, bright, bright red. But after washing it three times, orange water is still pouring from my head in the shower, so I know it's not going to stay this bright forever. And, I mean, red dye fades quickly no matter what.

    2. I am fairly sure I spend about 85% of my free time maintaining my red hair. I can spend hooouuurrrsss looking up people's red dye maintenance. I have a system that seems pretty solid but it's like a weird hobby of mine to read up on.

    3. What's your system? From what I understand, the worst things for fading dye are water and sun - but my hair needs washing almost every day. I guess I could wear a hat outside, but I don't. Mostly I just let it fade and then do it again. At least the fading prevents noticeable roots.

  2. The short version of my system -

    1. Only was my hair twice a week
    2. Only wash with Hair One Conditioning Cleanser for color treated hair and use cold or coldish water
    3. If I need to refresh I mix equal parts Beyond the Zone Color JamzWild Red & Orange
    4. Currently using Loreal Hi-Color Highlights in Red for permanent color, which is for my roots only

    Luckily right now I can go to work and not have to be overly presentable. If my hair looks extra scary I use suave dry shampoo.
    The directions on the Hair One say some crazy shit about using 900 pumps but that's a lie I probably use 10 or less and it works just fine. And it gets coconut oil out just the same as regular shampoo, so I can still do my coconut treatment and not have to strip my color. And you can mix the Color Jamz in the Hair One for a refresher just the same as mixing it with regular conditioner so that's a bonus.

    1. Oh, I haven't tried any of those products, interesting. Thanks!


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