Friday, March 22, 2013

Poll Results

Should I change this blog's title to "Cheap as F*ck"? Would that mean you could view it at work, etc.? Or would you hate me for giving in to the man?
Yes, please change it. I would be more comfortable visiting the blog in certain situations that way.
  4 (20%)
Fuck no. Leave the fucking title the way it fucking is. I fucking like it that way.
  12 (60%)
I don't give a shit either way.
  4 (20%)
I can't visit this blog in certain situations, but changing fuck to f*ck wouldn't help that.
  0 (0%)

60% of people who responded want me to leave the title the way it is. So that's that. I'm glad, because I felt weird about the idea of censoring it. Only 4 of you wished I'd change it, and you can all go fuck yourselves. No no, I'm sorry, kidding, really. I'll work on designing a banner where the word fuck is maybe a little more subtle, and in the meantime, I hope you will still check us out after work, because the chances of my getting that banner thing worked out any time soon are pretty slim, to be honest. I have a real job too, you know.

Writing posts in the morning before I've had my coffee makes me sound grumpier than I am. I am actually not at all grumpy. At all. Coffee.

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