Monday, March 4, 2013

Pixi and POP makeup on HauteLook today

I'd recommend the Pixi Glow Fairy Face palette, on for $12 (originally $34). You get a lot of shit for $12, especially if you like shimmery neutral eyeshadows and pink lipsticks. The blush is nice too, though a little shiny (which I don't mind), and it comes with a good quality blush brush. It's one of those flat ones though . . . I can't figure out how they're supposed to work. Oh, and the packaging is obnoxiously cute, if that's your thing. I also have the brightening primer, which is nice (the usually pale pinkish shimmery deal), and they make some nice nail polish, which is on sale for $3.

I've never tried POP. Anyone else have suggestions from these brands?

You need a HauteLook account to browse, so here's my invite link, if you need it.

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