Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holy shit pretty new Avon nail polishes

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Check out these new polishes from Avon (Petal Impressions Collection) as swatched by The Manicured Amateur. They're all shimmery and springy but in a way that hasn't been done a million times before. I think there are probably some Zoya dupes in here, if you have the time to comb through Zoya's millions of colors to compare. I don't. Not today. I also DO NOT need any more fucking nail polish. Someone please remind me every 5 minutes, okay?

By the way, Avon has a shit ton of makeup on sale right now, including those nail polishes (2 for $7) eyebrow pencil I recently reviewed (on sale for $2!). Thanks to sequinsandcitations for alerting me to the sale. As always, I suggest searching for a representative in your area before ordering to help a local Avon lady out. And you can get free shipping on $30 with the code FS30REP.

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  1. AVON!! I got some of their polishes recently and cannot get enough of them! But the thing that's stolen my heart? Their UV gloss guard top coat. I don't know how much it really protects against fading, but it sure as hell does not shrink my polish or make it peel off in a solid sheet within a day like seche vite does. EXCEPT IT IS NO LONGER ON THE AVON WEBSITE!!! I really hope it's just temporarily out of stock because I don't think I can go on without it.


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