Monday, March 25, 2013

Has anyone tried Laura Geller makeup? (It's on HauteLook today.)

I've heard that The Real Deal concealer is excellent. You can get it from HauteLook in this set for $25 with a lipgloss and blush (called the Big Apple Beauty Kit), and normally the concealer alone it around $21. But I can't decide if it's worth it when I don't really need more blush or lipgloss right now. Thoughts? Anything else from this brand worth checking out?

You need an account to browse HauteLook, so if you don't have one, here is my invite link.

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  1. Yes! I have! I get it as often as I can!

    The powder foundation was given to me as a gift, and I tried it out over DragonCon. (That's the biggest sci-fi/fantasy/anime/whatnot convention in the Southeast, held each Labor Day weekend, when it's hotter and swampier than Satan's armpits down here.) It held up, which is a freaking miracle. It evened out my skintone, didn't fall into the giant swimming pools some some call "my pores"... just generally awesome.

    The awesomeness costs an arm and a leg (those body parts being about $35), but it's a lot of product, and I do believe it's worth it. And no, they don't pay me. Although they can send me some if they want to. ;)


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