Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Save Your Face Review: Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturizer with SPF 30

I'm on a mission to find the best possible replacement for my beloved, discontinued sunscreen, and this was my first attempt. Verdict? Fail. And here's why . . .

What I want from a facial sunscreen is not simple, maybe, but not impossible. I want it to feel light and not greasy, since I have fairly oily skin to being with. I want it to be free from physical sunscreen ingredients (zinc/titanium), because those make me breakout in cystic acne something fierce. I want it not to irritate my skin or eyes, because I need to use it near my eyes. That's a part of my face that I'd particularly like to be protected.

The Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturizer with SPF 30 passes the first two requirements, but it's a big failure on the third. I have been trying to use this shit for the last month, and every time I do, it inevitably smears into my eyes and burns like a motherfucker. It also stings my skin a little when I apply it, but since that stops after a minute or so, I can live with it. But it's not like it just has to set and then it won't smear. Sometimes it gets in my eyes hours later. It doesn't matter how I apply it, if I set it with powder, whatever. One time, when I took a shower about 8 hours after applying, it ran into my eyes the whole time and hurt like hell.

So this is going in the closet to be used as a body sunscreen in the summer, I guess. Next!

(I won't be reviewing Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblocks, since I have used those plenty of times, and while they are better than this Cetaphil one, I find them irritating, and they sometimes get in my eyes too. And I don't like the smell. I refuse to believe that there isn't something better out there. I had something better for years!)

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