Sunday, February 3, 2013


I like IKEA pillows. There are a TON of different styles depending on your sleep style. So Mike got a side-sleeper and it's really firm and he loves it. I got a stomach sleeper and it's not as stiff and is really nice and moods to my body.
Do they last? Are there different price points? I always end up getting what’s cheapest, because I can’t tell the difference when they’re new!

some are pretty expensive ($60-80!!) but some are more affordable (under $30-40). I always buy pillow encasements ($5-10) to keep the pillows nice and un-head-greasy and you can just throw them in the wash with bleach. Would definitely invest in pillow covers (they're like a quilted pillow encasement with a zipper).
Oh god, I had no idea I needed a case to put under my pillowcase. This is getting complicated. But $30 is a way larger investment than I usually make in a pillow, so I’d hope it’d last a few years without flattening.

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