Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Breaking Up With Lipstick

I'm stating for the record that I've given up on lipstick. I just don't like it. I mean traditional lipstick in a tube. I'm not going to buy any more. I have tried e.l.f., every drugstore brand out there, MAC . . . I'm just not willing to spend any more money to find out if there is a lipstick I don't hate. Fuck it.

They dry out my lips, and I am someone who needs to have slick-feeling lips all the time. If I put on a matte finish lipstick, I inevitably end up licking my lips until they get even drier and half the lipstick comes off. It looks terrible. I also have a nervous habit of chewing my lips. And to get a really nice look, you have to use a brush, and that's such as hassle. It's not even worth it for special occasions, because I rarely go out to something where I don't eat (why would I?), and eating is the death of lipstick. Oh, and the smell and taste! (90% of the time it's gross. I know that not all lipsticks are matte, and that not all lipsticks are equal . . . but if it comes in a twist up tube, and I've tried it, I've been frustrated with it.

I still have a bunch of recent lipstick purchases to review here, but keep in mind that I'm not going to comment on wear time, because I'm lucky to keep lipstick on for 10 minutes without smearing it or licking it off. So after these few reviews are done, you probably won't see much in the way of lipstick around here anymore.

HOWEVER: Don't get me wrong. I still love lip gloss, balm, stain, etc. Things that come in the form of a fat pencil? Things with a built-in brush? Hooray. They are a joy to apply and to wear. So lip products will still appear, but old-fashioned lipstick . . . not so much.

Is there a category of makeup that you just can't get to work for you?


  1. If I was queen of the universe all lipsticks would now come in big fat toddler crayon form. I love those. I tend to get the same as you with traditional tube forms but I love matte lipsticks so I'm just screwed all around. I think what I will start doing with the ones that cause me problems is start making my own tinted lip balms with old carmex tubes. I hate not using things I bought.

    One thing that I just can't ge a grasp on is blush. I feel like I spend so much time getting my face to not be red that slapping something red on my cheeks is like "well what the fuck did I just put a base on for". And yeah I know there are other colors of blush I just don't think it looks 'natural' on me. It looks very makeupy.

    1. I think not everyone needs blush. My sister has naturally pink cheeks, so she looks fine without it. For me, it helps me look a little more alive. I have a tendency toward a zombie complexion. I also feel like when I use a base product (tinted moisturizer in my case) that I lose some of my features. So blush, highlighter, etc. can help bring them out again. But obviously that's just my weird face.

      Oh, and I just got one of the Ulta Lip Crayons in "Fashionista". It's matte pink - you might like it! I might do a post with all the the Ulta brand products I got for reference for the next time they go on sale.


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