Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fix Your Face: Recent ULTA brand makeup purchases (swatches and review)

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I bought a few ULTA brand products recently, so I thought I'd show you swatches, in case you're interested in your own spree. These are all good options.

From left to right in the photos below: (1) Metallic Automatic Eyeliner in Starlet; (2) Metallic Automatic Eyeliner in Golden Eyes; (3) Automatic Eyeliner in Teal Blue; (4) Smokey Eyes Automatic Eyeliner in Cobalt; (5) Automatic Lip Liner in Bloom; (6) Lip Crayon in Fashionista; and (7) Cheek Stain in Desire.

In natural light (colors of the gold and teal eyeliner and pink lipliner aren't quite right).
With flash (colors more accurate).
I like all of these. The silver eyeliner is the least pigmented, but the gold is AMAZEBALLS. It's smooth and like liquid gold in one swipe. The teal feels a little dry, so it can tug on your eyelid a  bit, but it is so extremely pigmented that it's easy to apply. You don't need to go over it more than once to get a dark, solid line. It lasts too - even after a shower and a night's sleep, there was a trace left along my lashes. I really, really love the color. The blue liner is slightly wider than a normal pencil and comes with a blending sponge and sharpener on the other end. They're all twist-up, though - the sharpener is just meant to give you a pointier tip. Handy.

The lipliner is also long-lasting, and it's a good neutral pink if you have naturally pink lips, or you can use it with any rose/pink lip color. The lip crayon is a nice matte rose pink. It works as like a neutral on my already pinkish lips, too, though of course it will look different on everyone. I really like ULTA Lip Crayons. I have another one in a shade called Valentine, which doesn't seem to be available anymore. Boo. But my love for that one encouraged me to try another, and I'm not disappointed.

 The cheek stain is almost a dupe in color to Benefit Benetint, but it's a sort of gel stick, which makes it easier to blend. I think it's similar to Tarte's cheek stains in format, but I don't have one of those to compare it to. I prefer it to the liquid Benetint. It really lasts too.

Here's a look using the teal and silver eyeliners:
Teal on top, silver on the bottom.
(And an undereye highlighter/concealer that does not photograph well!)
I think these are all great, honestly. My least favorite is the silver liner, since it takes some work to get a good, opaque line from it. Rarely do I buy a shitload of stuff like this and like it all. Impressive.

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