Saturday, February 23, 2013

Badass Hair Review: John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer

I'd been wanting to try this for a while, since short, broken pieces of hair that stand on end are the bane of my otherwise smooth hair's existence. So when it went on sale on Amazon for less than $2, I was on it. Right now it's about $4 on Amazon, but that is still the best place to get it, since it is usually $7-9 elsewhere.

It's not a lot of product, but it works. It contains a little more than your average tube of mascara and has a similar style brush, though quite a bit fatter. You just take the brush and swipe it over the flyaways in the direction you want them to lie, and that's it. It's simple. At first, it can look a little wet where you've used the product, but that disappears quickly. Make sure not to drag the brush right through your hair from the scalp - just catch the flyaways and lightly comb them against the top of your hair. Use a light touch, or you'll leave too much behind. It keeps the pieces in place really fucking well. The three photos below were all taken on the same day.

Brushed but with no product (of any kind) added.
This is how I usually go into public looking. Crazypants
Right after using the Flyaway Tamer, combed over just the pieces that were standing up.
You can see that I missed some, because I couldn't see them when I was doing it.
They are noticeable in the photo, but weren't in person.
Five hours later. In the meantime, I had walked 20 minutes to my office with the hood of my winter
coat up (i.e. resting on my hair). Then sat around in the office for a few hours.
Then walked 20 minutes back, half with the hood down, in the wind, and half with it up.
 Pretty good, right? At the end of the day (that's my day, since I work at home the rest of the time), it's not perfect, but it's way the hell better than it was when I started out. It does the job. You can run your fingers through your hair, even, without worrying about ruining it.

I've been thinking about how to make a homemade version of this stuff. I've tried doing this sort of thing with a brush and hairspray, but the hairspray usually dries too quickly on the brush and doesn't quite work. The stuff in this tube is thicker than hairspray, but not as sticky as gel or liquid gel. It dries pretty quickly, but not before you have a chance to use it. You can do all of the flyaways without having to put the brush back in the bottle for more.

In the end, I think if you can get this for $5 or less, it's worth the price for the convenience. I was more impressed with this stuff than I'd expected.

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  1. WOW!! I am super excited about this!!! My hair is curly is so so frizzy! I tried the hair spray on the brush, but that didn't work for me either. Actually, I find if I lightly mist my hair with spray and use a spoolie to brush the flyaways back, that works fairly well, but I am not a big fan of hairspray and would rather not do that if I can. I also tried using a dryer sheet and that did a big fat nothing for me. This stuff seems really clever, Imma going to have to get my hands on some!


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