Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fix Your Face: Garish Holiday Party Edition

Last night I violated the one feature rule, i.e. go dramatic on your eyes or lips, not both. But I'm not very good at rules. Also if you can't put shiny shit all over your face for a dimly-lit holiday party, when can you? I also lined my lower waterline for the first time. That's when you put eyeliner on the rim of your lid between the lashes and eyeball. I was worried I would just end up with watery eyes with black goo all in them, but it worked out pretty well. And I actually got a bunch of compliments on my makeup at the party (one included the word "glamorous"!) so I call that a success. My overdone face below the cut:

The one thing I want to tell you specifically about is my lipstick. It's Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash. You can get it online here, but what you really should do, if possible, is go to CVS. These are on clearance now, so it's only $1.75! And the photo below does not even begin to show how shiny this shit is. It's metallic. I looked like I made out with a Christmas ornament. It's perfect for holiday parties (and every other day of your life).
The lighting was weird indoor at night. But trust.
Shiny shiny shiny metallic red.
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