Monday, December 10, 2012

Fix Your Face: e.l.f. Studio Lip Lock Pencil

This stuff is good. If you have a problem with lipstick bleeding, it's worth a shot. It's a waxy pencil that you use to line around the outside of your lips.

I put it to the ultimate test: Benefit Benetint. I can't actually wear that shit on my lips because it bleeds so bad it makes me look like some kind of zombie with cracks or veins radiating all around my mouth.

Without Lip Lock:

Uh oh, someone got into the Koolaid.
With Lip Lock:

So maybe you can see that there's a tiny bit of bleeding, but it's minor. I wouldn't be like, "Fuck this," and take it all off and give up like I usually do if I try to put Benetint on my lips. It's presentable in public.

Basically if it can keep this bloody stuff almost under control, you're going to have no problem with regular lipstick or lipgloss bleeding.

And it's $3. You can probably get it at Target if you don't want to pay shipping for spend $25 or wait for a sale on the e.l.f. website - though they frequently have good ones.

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