Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: Glade Expressions Collection Air Fresheners

So BzzAgent is this program where you sign up, fill out a bunch of surveys, and eventually they send you sample products to review. They insist that what they really want is honesty, but it seems like more than 90% of people who review things through that program FUCKING LOVE THEM. Maybe because they think that’s the way to get more free stuff? And it might be. But that’s not my style, so here’s an honest review. I’d rather tell you what’s what than get free shit (believe it or not). I thought the razors I got last time were pretty cool, but these air fresheners aren’t really special.

There were two products in this line to test. One was an oil diffuser with a flat sheet that absorbs the oil and … well, diffuses it. The other was a refillable aerosol mist.

I chose the Pineapple and Mangosteen (bamboo) infuser, because I didn’t like the other two scents at all. It smells fairly nice, but I had hoped that it would help to mask cat shit odors, and it doesn’t do that very well. In addition, the decorative bamboo panels on the diffuser warped immediately (curved outward), and so it doesn’t look as attractive as it did at first. I’d recommend this if you want to add a gentle, pleasant scent to your home, but it doesn’t do much more.

I chose the Cotton and Italian Mandarin mist. Again, the scent is pleasant, though not unique. It also can’t neutralize pet odors very well. I find the spraying mechanism a little awkward, but it looks nice, I guess. The scent doesn’t seem to last very long, either. I don’t know whether or not I’ll buy a refill once this one is empty. At first I thought, yay, refillable, that’s cool! But on further reflection, I’m pretty sure that just means you have to buy two things instead of one. Normally you buy a can, and when it runs out, you buy another can. This way you buy a can AND a sprayer-holder thingy, and when it runs out you buy another can. What is the point exactly?

Overall, the design is fairly good, and the scents are nice. A good, but not exceptional, product. I don’t think it’s any better or worse than your average air freshener, so if you have a coupon, pick it up.

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