Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Look Out: Cheap Glasses

Zenni Optical's glasses are fucking cheap. And they have really cool frames. I have terrible eyesight and need thick, complicated lenses, so a pair for me ends up costing $30-50. But if your eyes are pretty good, you can get them for $7+.

These are $7. Search for model #223025 and get them!

You should be warned, these cheap glasses are cheap quality too. I know people who have got them and had them stand up to a lot of abuse just fine. But I have had at least 3 pairs randomly snap somewhere along the frame, or a screw fall out, or the colored plastic start peeling off the frame. So have a back up. Still, even if I have to buy two pairs a year at $50 each, that’s cheaper than a $500 pair that lasts me three years or so. And I can wear different frames depending on my mood or outfit or whatever.

You can also upload a photo and virtually try on the frames. I’d recommend uploading a few different pictures to make sure they really work.

Oh, and you need to measure your pupillary distance to place an order. You can do it yourself (or with a friend’s help) using a ruler, or you can go to a glasses shop and they will do it with their special tool in like 10 seconds. It’s not difficult. In fact, with your first order, Zenni will probably send you a special ruler to do this with in future.

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