Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Claws: Chanel Peridot dupes

So it seems like every fucking nail polish line in existence has a dupe (or near-dupe) for the gorgeous Chanel Peridot that came out in Fall 2011. (Check it out at The Swatchaholic.)

For example:
  • Jessica Iridescent Eye

  • Nicole by OPI Mer-maid for Each Other

  • China Glaze Unpredictable

  • Color Club Editorial

  • OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

  • more?
I still haven’t got my covetous little hands on one of these. Have any of you got one? What do you think? What is the best (in terms of formula and color-changing)? I get the impression that the OPI and Jessica polishes are closest to the Chanel, but I guess that doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best. Anyway, I think the Chanel cost around $24, and these are all more like $4-8, so if you don’t care about being a season behind (I really don’t - I just want to look at pretty colors), then you have lots of options.

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