Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magic Isn't Real (by Natalie Dee)

This is a good reminder for us all:

There isn’t a cream or lotion or facewash in the world that is going to change what you already have.  If there were, everybody would be smooth and perfect and beautiful, and nobody would ever visit the plastic surgeon for anything at all.  There would be homeless plastic surgeons on the street with signs that said OUT OF WORK, PLEASE HELP!!  EVERYONE JUST BOUGHT A TUBE OF CREAM FROM MACY’S, AND NOW NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY WRINKLES OR CELLULITE AND I HAVE NO USEFUL JOB SKILLS.

(I don’t totally agree that there are no acne products that can help, and I think there are some ingredients that can slow down damage or soothe irritation, besides SPF, but for the most part, yeah. Don’t get sucked in. Do your research here or here.)

Magic Isn't Real (by Natalie Dee)

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