Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Julep fail

So I got the Julep Box I posted about recently, and I think it was a mistake. I’m not going to be buying any more from them.

The America glitter is pretty cool, but it’s super thick and goopy. Hard to put on, and feels like shit on your nails. The Kate shade, which is pearly white, is as blah as I expected. The Daphne (sea foam green) shade, looks nothing like the photo. Or I mean, it’s green, but it’s much darker and dustier than the photo. I understand that monitors can be calibrated differently, but they also sent me a little slip with instructions for a manicure using this color, and putting the printed photo next to the bottle shows that the photo isn’t right at all. So annoying. I haven’t tried Mila (charcoal, multi-colored glitter) yet, but it also doesn’t look like the photo. It basically looks like silver with a little holo or color, not charcoal. 

So anyway, won’t be giving Julep my money again. (I was just as disappointed with my intro box.)

ETA: Okay, I just swatched these, and yes, all of the above stands. Daphne is not “bright” or minty, like it looks in the photo. Mila is in no way “charcoal”. It actually seems like the people who write the product descriptions do so based on the photos, rather than by looking at the actual products, so you end up with both inaccurate photos and inaccurate descriptions.

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