Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fix Your Face: Everyday Minerals (Free Shit)

If you’ve never tried mineral makeup (or even if you have), check this out. Everyday Minerals lets you order 7 free samples and just pay for shipping, which is usually less than $3. The samples are decently sized (at least they were last time I got some) and last me for months! This is some good shit right here. Right now they are offering base (i.e. foundation), blush, and finishing powder samples. 

If you want to be really nice, you can pay a little extra and all of the money you put in will go to the Everyday Minerals Wilderness Preservation Plan.

UPDATE: I just got some samples in the mail. They no longer send you the little jars that they used to send, so I think the sample size is smaller now, fyi. Still pretty good, though.

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