Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fix Your Face: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

This is Revlon’s version of Clinique and Tarte’s balm stains which sell for $16-25. The Revlon one costs $7-8. It’s good shit.

I’ve only tried the Tarte version once. I got one in one of my Birchboxes. It was bright orange. Not peach or coral - orange. I put it on my lips, looked in the mirror, cringed, and gave it away to someone else. So I can’t say too much about exactly how that stuff compares.

I will tell you that I really like the Revlon, though. I have it in Lovesick (pictured above), Crush, Honey, and Smitten. It goes on smooth and creamy, and this fat pencil applicator is really easy to apply precisely. It has a light minty smell, but it doesn’t make my lips tingle (i.e. irritate them. You know that’s what tingly ingredients like menthol do, right? They’re counterirritants that soothe by distracting you from other discomfort/pain while actually causing irritation to your skin and potentially further damage. Then you need to apply more to make the continuing irritation go away, etc. Anyway.) This shade definitely stains my lips too. You start with a nice, bright lipstick look, but by the end of the day, even after eating a (greasy) meal, you’ll still have an even, pink tint on your lips. I think it’s a great product, and so I have no interest in getting one of the more expensive brands.

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