Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fix Your Face: Avon GLAZEWEAR Lip Gloss

Just plain great stuff. It’s smooth, shiny, and not sticky. It has absolutely no scent or flavor. When I go out in the wind, my hair doesn’t stick to my face. There’s nothing I hate more than that. Okay, maybe a few things, but that’s annoying. And this goop lasts! Hours, if you’re not eating, and maybe even if you are.

When I bought the 4 tubes of this that I have now, it was on sale for $2.50. Right now it’s $6 and buy one get one half price. Stock up! It comes in a ton of shades. I honestly think it’s much better than any higher end lip gloss I own.

Here’s a comparison between Mac Viva Glam VI Lipglass (which I got as a birthday gift once) and Avon Glazewear Apple Cinnamon.

Mac Viva Glam VI Lipglass

Avon Glazewear Apple Cinnamon

Do you see a difference? I think they look almost exactly the same! All the difference is in how they feel. I never wear the Mac stuff, because it is so fucking thick and sticky. I hate it. The Avon gloss is SO MUCH BETTER. Oh my god. Have I convinced you yet?

If you order from Avon, you should consider searching for a representative in your area, and order via her personal site. You can search on the main Avon website. You don’t have to ever meet her (or even talk to her on the phone! I hate the phone!), but you might be helping out your local Avon lady. Sometimes they also have coupon codes that you can’t use without a rep.

As an aside: This is the first time I have ever taken such a close up photo of my skin. It was terrifying. Hello pores! Next time I will put on some makeup before I do it, because some airbrushing definitely had to happen today. Holy shit.

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