Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review of L'Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

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Influenster sent me this set of L'Oreal EverPure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner recently for free to test and review (opinions here are my own, of course). I was pretty pleased to get it, because I've been using a lot of L'Oreal shampoos and conditioners since the last ones they sent me, and I've been impressed by all of them. You know how sometimes it seems like most of the products in a line are basically the same, even though they are labeled for different hair types? The L'Oreal ones clearly perform differently and have obviously different textures and consistencies and so forth.

I hadn't tried any of the Ever (Pure) line, though, because I don't really care whether or not my hair products contain sulfates. I'm fine with sulfates/SLS. They don't really seem to fade color any faster, and they're mainly only harsh if your skin is sensitive to them, which mine isn't. Non-sulfate surfactants can be just as drying. But I'm not opposed to sulfate-free shampoos--I'm just not going to spend extra money for them.

I got the Volume products based on the survey I filled out on the Influenster site. I have fine, but not thin, hair that is very straight and could definitely stand some more body and volume. I don't know about you, but I've never really had much success with shampoos or conditioners that are supposed to add volume. Sometimes they are a little lighter (and/or less moisturizing), but they tend not to make my hair appear fuller. But I'm willing to be convinced, so I conducted a test.

The first photo below was taken after using my regular shampoo and conditioner, neither of which claim to improve volume. Then I added some oil/serum, blow dried, and combed down flyaways near my part.

Next up is a photo taken a couple of days later in which I followed the exact same routine and used all the same products, except that I subbed in the new L'Oreal EverPure Volume products for my usual shampoo and conditioner. Do you see more volume here?

I really don't. Maybe slightly less volume, if anything. So I'm still not convinced that shampoo and/or conditioner is the way to go if you want your hair to be fuller. Instead, I'd recommend the John Frieda 7-Day In Shower Volume Treatment (reviewed here with terrible photos) to increase volume moderately, but noticeably, throughout your hair, or root powder (like the ones reviewed here) to add major lift at the roots.

That said, these are not bad products. They effectively clean and condition. My hair felt smooth and soft after using them. I think you could definitely do worse, and if you want something simple and sulfate-free, this is a good option. The fragrance is nice, too. It's slightly floral, but mostly minty. Very clean and fresh. It is quite strong, however, and can overpower other scents you're wearing, so you have to really like it.

It was interesting to test these things out, but once I finish them, I will go back to my usual sulfate-full L'Oreal hair products, because they're more affordable and work a little better for my hair. Most L'Oreal shampoos and conditioners are about $6 for 24 oz., while the Ever ones are the same price for only 8.5 oz.

Any of you have strong feelings about sulfates? Have you tried the Ever products? Did you have luck with other options from the line?

(Note: Anyone can sign up for Influenster for free and get products to test. You don't need a blog, though using social media is probably necessary.)

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